Comments made by terrorist's and victims etc

to and about Ben's work.


"Such give a mindset as to how relationships/trust developed with those I had to deal with in the course of duty."


Billy (UVF member convicted of murder)

Letter dated 23-10-84

" I am truly thankful that I acted upon those recurring inward impulses which urged me to see (Ben Forde)".

"You'd be doing me a favour if you could speak to my family, especially my young son. I don't want him growing up with a hatred of the Police or getting involved in crime."

John (UVF member convicted of murder)

"John admitted his involvement in murders because he was convinced that the detective was a christian. During our time together we prayed on two occassions and asked God's help in the circumstances in which we found ourselves. I also read to him from the Bible. He went on to say "what God had done for me in Christ he has taken away fear of men and fear of death and prison."

Billy (Ex RUC constable now deceased convicted of murder)

"It's easy to accept God's forgiveness but it's hard to forgive oneself. Thank God for your wife and family Ben as you will never appreciate them enough until you come through the agony of losing them."

An IRA terrorist quote (11-01-83)

"There has been an idea floating around in my head about a partnership of a policeman (Ben), an ex-UVF man Charlie and an ex- INLA man (myself) working for Jesus."

Letter from a mother of a young woman involved in murder

"Now that my daughters case is over I wish to thank you most sincerely. Please God she will never find herself in the same position again. I think you made a great impression on her."

Some time later received a card from the daughter

"Thank you for all your kindness and (literature) during my recent depression! It was much appreciated; and I'm sorry for having caused you so much trouble."

An ex UDR soldier convicted of murder

"May God go with this letter (written on toilet paper) if I can get it smuggled out to you, and please try to reply."

Father of Solictors Clerk murdered by the IRA


"Be careful that your experience of evil does not destroy you."
























1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

Lean not unto your own understanding,

And he shall direct your path. Prov. 3 vs 5-6

2. A problem shared is a problem halved

A blessing shared is a blessing doubled.

3. Reliable communication permits progress. Prov. 13vs 17

4. It’s better to light a candle than curse the dark.

5. Don't let evil conquer you, conquer evil by doing good."

6. Over reaction is rarely ever the right reaction.

7. The only way to have a friend is to be one.

Eccl 1 vs. 9-10.

8. A vision without a task is only a dream

A task without a vision is drudgery

A vision and a task together (for the Lord)

Is the hope of the world.




(Names of those contributing withheld)


Miss Gladys Blackburne.

From a Lieutenant A5 Pro Coy, RMP, Woolwich


“I must tell you just how important and effective your good works are. I was particularly ill. Having reacted badly against the Morphine, indeed I went through a very frightening period – Through it all I have had glimpses of your kindness –it works.”


From a Lieutenant Col. 2nd., Battalion Light Infantry, North Howard Street, Belfast.


“I met you often, particularly in 1983 when you were found visiting many West Belfast bases and again in 1987.— Take comfort that you are remembered and largely appreciated for all you did for us in intrudingly difficult circumstances for yourself”

“Look after your self and do not go out too often on the cold winter nights on your FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TRIPS. All the very best to you from every member of the battalion”.


From an Army Colonel, based at Musgrave Park Military Wing, Belfast.


“Thank you for your continued interest and generous gifts lavished on the Military Wing of Musgrave Park, Hospital”.


From Hazel M. Knox MBE ‘Sandes Soldier’s and Airmen’s Centres


“Miss Blackburne was a little eccentric, utterly selfless, a passionate visionary and rebellious against anything which interfered with her devotion to the work God had given her. Her’s was a lonely road. She wasn’t a team player but worked in a world which was best negotiated alone”.




“The Queen has been touched by your kind thoughts and loyal sentiments”.


Further tributes in full along with Miss Blackburne’s Diaries outlining her life and times will be available soon at the Public Record Office, 2 Titanic Boulevard, Belfast.